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Open House

Open Houses provide you with an excellent opportunity to get to know our community first-hand.

To register for an Open House, please click on the dates below. For a tentative schedule of events for each Open House, please click on the event title to the left of this page. 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Villanova School of Business

College of Engineering

College of Nursing

Legacy Day (for children of Villanova Alumni only)

Why Villanova?

Villanova is a community unlike any other. When I visited campus, went on the tour, and attended Candidates’ Day, I felt that I was a part of something larger than myself, part of a community. I remember asking my tour guide what his favorite thing about Villanova was. He responded, “Honestly, my favorite part is the people.” And he was right. The people here love and take pride in their school because, at least to me, it’s more than just a school – it is a community.

Kenneth Listwak
Business Honors major