Regular Decision

If you have a strong academic background and a wide variety of interests, and if you are motivated to contribute to the intellectual and spiritual environment of our University community, then we encourage you to apply to the University.

To apply Regular Decision, please submit your completed application packet by January 15. The Committee on Admission will carefully consider your credentials and inform you of a decision by April 1.

Please note: All candidates will be notified of their admission decision through their personal MyNova account.

If you are admitted and plan to enroll, you must have your nonrefundable registration deposit of $700.00 to the Office of University Admission by May 1.

Helpful Facts

Did you know that most colleges and universities receive about 2/3 of their total applications on the days immediately surrounding their deadlines? Please don’t wait until the last minute to apply!

Important Note

Paper high school transcripts are still accepted, although online submission through the Common Application is stongly preferred.