Early Action


Early Action is awarded to exceptional candidates with outstanding high school records and correspondingly high SAT and/or ACT scores.  Students admitted to the Class of 2020 under Early Action were generally ranked in the first decile of their class and/or had a middle 50 percent GPA range of 3.91-4.35 on 4.00 weighted scale. The middle 50 percent of these admitted Early Action candidates SAT scores ranged from 1350-1460/1600 or an ACT from 31-33.

  • For Early Action, the completed application must be received no later than November 1 of the senior year.
  • SATs and/or ACTs cannot be taken after October of the senior year for consideration for any program with a November 1 deadline. 
  • Candidates need not only apply to Villanova.
  • Applicants not admitted under Early Action will be considered under the provision of Regular Decision and notified in late March.
  • All candidates will be notified of their admission decision by December 20 through their personal MyNova account.  

Early Action Deadline

November 1 (final deadline)

Why Villanova?

There are many schools out there that offer a great college education. Villanova is definitely one of these schools. However, beyond its top-notch professors and challenging academic courses, Villanova has something more to give that is truly unique. When you decide to come to Villanova, you get much more than a great education; you become a part of our Villanova community. This community, which we like to call our “‘Nova Nation,” is an undeniable force on our campus. It is a diverse communion of bright young minds and compassionate souls who will help push you to achieve your fullest potential and become the best person you can be.  

Allison Brown
English Major