Admission Overview for Parents

Admission Overview for Parents


As parents, we want the very best for our children, always.  And sure, they're young adults who are confident that they can take care of themselves but this next step, their college choice, should be a joint decision.  A strong academic fit is essential and financial considerations are important, but it's the feeling of Villanova that seals your decision.

Perhaps it is the caring faculty and staff, willing to go beyond their call to reach a student, is what makes us different.   One thing for sure - Villanova strives to bring out the very best in people.  Everyday.

The college selection and admission process can be as important to the parent as it is to the student, and sometimes more so.  Encourage your young adult to stay focused during their senior year and to take ownership of their application process.  Remind them that one way of relieving anxiety is to submit applications and required documents ahead of time to avoid the rush and possibility of missing an important deadline.

The links below will help you become acquainted with Villanova and provide you with an insight of what we have to offer and help alleviate any concerns you may have with your young adult's transition into college life.


Provides statistics, requirements and deadlines for the undergraduate admission.

Admission Key Dates

Complete listing of all deadlines.

Campus Ministry

Encourages all to integrate personal faith into the academic and social environment of the University.

Career Services

Become partners in your son’s or daughter’s career development.

Dining Services

Provides the highest consistent quality which includes both market and nutritional trends, meal plans that best suit your needs and special dietary programs.

Financial Assistance

Provides you financing options to best fit your needs.

Service Learning

Provides opportunities to grow personally by contributing to the mission of the University.


Health Services

  • Health Center Offers physician, nursing and ancillary services to all students.
  • Health & Wellness Education
    Wellness is a continuous, active process identifying the areas that need improvement, and then making choices that will help you attain a higher level of health and well-being.
  • Counseling Center
    Provides services designed to enhance students' ability to function optimally, so that they can benefit from their college years.

Learning Support

Villanova is committed to providing reasonable academic accommodations to students who are diagnosed with disabilities and seek accommodations.

Residence Life

Living in an environment intentionally structured to provide opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, and actively participate in campus life.

Why Villanova?

There is a sense of warmth that unfolds as you tour the campus. It opens itself up to you and draws you in. It’s not just the beautiful campus. The staff and student body gives you a feeling of belonging.

Robert and Monica Bellotti,
parents of Christopher Bellotti