Augustine and Culture Seminar


The greatest thinkers the world has known are as relevant today as they were in their own time. What they have to tell us will help you examine your moral values and contribute to the achievement of a just and humane society.

Villanova's Augustine and Culture Seminar is an intense exposure to those thinkers in a two-course sequence every Villanova freshman takes. In the first semester, you'll study works from the ancient, medieval, and Renaissance periods, from Christian scripture to selections from Augustine, Shakespeare, and others.

In the second semester, you'll read from the great thinkers and writers from the Enlightenment to the present. Each course is built around a theme — for instance, Visions of Freedom or The Enlightenment and the American Experience. Students can also apply to a Learning Community, in which you'll live with other students in a designated residence hall and take your Augustine and Culture Seminar and a related class together during your freshman year.