Student Organizations Directory


Mission: As the Villanova Art Law Society, our mission is to have an in depth and knowledgeable discussion regarding an area of law that is rarely covered within the Villanova Law curriculum. We strive for this discussion to involve students, professors, and professionals who want to share their own personal knowledge and experience within the various fields of art and entertainment.

Advisor: Professor Diane Pennys Edelman

2017-2018 Officers:  

Chase Karpus, 3L, Co-President

Carolyn Wilson, 2L, Co-President

John Behrman, 3L, Treasurer

Terrence Mitchell, 3L, Secretary

Amanda Berthold, 2L, Alumni Outreach


Mission: APALSA provides opportunities for Asian and Pacific American law students to further their academic and professional goals and celebrate their culture. APALSA also engages the VLS community in opportunities to participate, educate, and inform themselves of parts of Asian and Pacific American culture.

Advisor:  Professor Tuan Samahon

2017-2018 Officers:

Co-President: Joshua Schmid & Mark-Vincent Umandap, Vice President: Andrew Duong, Secretary: Lan Nguyen, Treasurer - Bridget Whan Tong


Mission: The VLS Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an official chapter of the National Black Law Students Association that seeks to foster the profession of law among individuals of Black ancestry as well as other individuals who have an interest in legal issues relevant to the Black community. BLSA strives to meaningfully influence the legal community though various professional, social, and community activities and services.

Advisor:  Professor Teressa Ravenell

2017-2018 Officers:

President: Chandel Boozer, Vice President: Terreence Mitchell, Treasurer: Ifedayo Jegede, Secretary:  Sewa Egunsola, Historian:  Nicky Akande, 1L Liaison: Nigel James, Social Chair: Khalil Wilkes


CLS is a non-denominational Christian membership association whose members seek to encourage and serve Villanova Law and the greater Philadelphia region out of the love and grace of Christ, in-part, through our weekly meetings and community involvement.

Advisor: Brian McCabe

2017-2018 Officers: 

John Morgan, President,

Sarah Baranik, Vice President,

Brittany Saxton, Secretary,

Adison Richards, 3L Advisor,


Mission: The VLS Coalition Advocating for Rights and Dignity (CARD) was created to raise awareness on issues concerning human trafficking and immigration, as well as issues that affect Philadelphia's underserved populations. CARD works to connect Villanova law students interested in service to like-minded professionals, to provide practical learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom, and to create a civil environment for debating issues that impact vulnerable populations in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

Advisor: Caitlyn Barry

2017-2018 Officers:

Co-Presidents: Jessica DiBacco (3L) & Christian Wynne (3L)

VP: Siobhan Harding (3L)

Secretary: Caitlin Foley (2L)

Treasurer: Mary Connors (3L)

Outreach Coordinators: Peyton Carper (2L) and Lan Nguyen (2L)


Mission: The Corporate Law Society (CLS) seeks to educate students in the field of corporate law and to provide a network for students of like minds to further their interests. The CLS strives to accomplish its mission by exposing students to all aspects of corporate law - including corporate securities, bankruptcy, merger and acquisition, private equity and other related practices - through contact with attorneys and academics dedicated to the study of corporate law in the local community.

Advisor:  Professor Richard Booth

2017-2018 Officers:   

Hallie Snyder, 2L, President

Abraham Schneider, 2L, Vice President

Leigh Gallo, 2L, Events Coordinator

Rachel Lisitsa, 2L, Events Coordinator

Joana Brankov, 2L, Treasurer

David Hollander, 2L, Director of Operations

Chris Rodrigues, 2L, Director of Public Relations

Gibby Wagner, 2L, Secretary

Andrew Shine, 2L Rep

Nate Williams, 2L Rep

Chris Polisano, 2L Rep


Mission:  The Criminal Law Society's mission is to promote the field of Criminal Law and all aspects of that field.  CLS will do so through providing academic experiences, community service initiatives, and social events for members of the society, the Villanova Law community, and the Main Line/Philadelphia community at large.

Advisor:  Professor Steven Chanenson

2017-2018 Officers:

Kristen Taylor--President,

Christian Wynne--Vice President,

Julianne Garvey--Treasurer,

Gabrielle Outlaw--Secretary,

Siobhan Harding--PR Representative,


Mission:  Provide students information, contacts, and experience in the field of educational law.  

Advisor: Professor Segal

2017-2018 Officers:

President : TBD, VP :TBD, Treasurer: TBD, Outreach Coordinator - TBD, 1L Liaison - TBD



Mission: The purpose of the Environmental and Energy Law Society is to inform students of the job opportunities available in the Environmental Law field. In addition, EELS provides students with a network of contacts in the field.

Advisor: Vice Dean Todd Aagaard

2017-2018 Officers:

Co-President: TBD, Co-President: TBD, Secretary/Treasurer: TBD, 2L Representative: TBD



The Entertainment and Media Law Society’s mission is to expose Villanova Law students to the essential and fundamental elements of entertainment and media law. Through various events, both on and off-campus, EMLS will provide a network of support within the entertainment and media industry to provide students with essential resources and contacts in the field.

Advisor:  Bernard Resnick

2017-2018 Officers:

Ryan Raymond 2L, President

Keely Crouch 2L, Vice President

Natalie Brennan 2L, Secretary



Mission: The Family Law Society aims to connect students with an interest in family law through meetings, speakers, and volunteering in the family law realm. We want to encourage an investigation of family law and practice by connecting students with each other and with lawyers in the field.  

Advisor: Joni Berner, Esq.

Officers 2017-2018:

President: Madeline Troutman,, Vice President: Steven Lee,,  Secretary:  Katie Appel, 


Our mission to bring together people interested in the different facets of fashion law through lunch and learns, speakers, and symposiums. 

Advisor: Professor Ann Juliano

Officers 2017-2018:

President - Lauren Matturri

Vice President - Kristen Harvilla

Secretary - Emily Schrank

Treasurer: Emily Heimbecker

Outreach: Kathryn Albanese


Mission: The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order.  It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what is should be.  The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.

Advisor:  Professor Tuan Samahon

2017-2018 Officers:

 President: TBD, Other Executive Board Members: TBA



Mission:  To create opportunities for students to gain exposure to career opportunities and network with attorneys currently working in health care. To engage students in pro bono legal research projects, and establish group networking connections.

Advisor: Professor Michael Campbell

2017-2018 Officers:

President:  Stasha Sosnowicz

Vice President:  Keri Cohen

Treasurer:  Adrianna DelPrincipe

Secretary:  Laurel Little


Mission: HALSA's mission is to represent the professional need and goals of law students of Hispanic descent throughout their law school career and ensure meaningful participation in the US legal profession.

Advisor: Bayrex Marti

2017-2018 Officers:   

President: Addia Rodriguez and Jorge Salvat, Vice-President: Daniela Alvarez, Secretary: Eliana Winderman, Treasurer: Isa Naveira, Outreach Coordinator: Valerie Cruz, 2L Representatives: Sarah Baranik and Steven Chaplar 




Honor Board Website

Mission:  Honor Board aims to promote academic integrity throughout Villanova Law School. Honor Board handles disciplinary actions on campus, proctors exams, administers course evaluations, and facilitates elections.

Advisor:  Professor Doris Brogan

2017-2018 Officers

Honor Board Chair: Brittany Jackson, Honor Board Vice Chair: Lauren Docktor, Secretary: Steve Lee

Section A: 

Section B: 

Section C: 

2L Class


3L Class




Mission: The purpose of the immigration law society is to encourage members to volunteer their time and energy to efforts in the Philadelphia area through involvement with various immigration organizations, a critical need in this area of law; inform students of employment, volunteer and school-related opportunities that arise in the immigration law field; educate members of upcoming lectures, seminars, and workshops related to immigration law; and provide support for students interested in the field of immigration law.

Advisor: Professor Michele Pistone

2017-2018 Officers:



Mission: It is the mission of the Villanova University School of Law Intellectual Property Society to educate its members about the IP legal profession and work/externship opportunities available at and outside of the law school, to raise awareness of current issues, both legal and otherwise, in IP, to connect current students with alumni working in the IP sector, to foster an inclusive environment where interested students of all educational backgrounds can learn more about IP, and to further the reputation of VLS as an institution at which successful IP attorneys begin their careers.

Advisor:  Professor Michael Risch

2017 -2018 Officers:

Co-Presidents:  Brooke Harley, Kathryn Albanese, Vice President:  John Vernon, Treasurer:  Robert Kuhnle


Email: international@law.villanova.eduu

Mission:  The International Law Society aims to create a greater global awareness at the Villanova Charles Widger school of law by creating opportunities for networking, and education. The group seeks to inform students of opportunities intentionally and encourages collaboration with other global-minded student organizations.

Advisor:  Professor Ruth Gordon

2017-2018 Officers:  

President: Sarah Baranik de Alarcón (2L)

Vice President: Nicky Akande(2L)

Secretary: Lan Nguyen (2L)

Treasurer: Ryan Ahrens (2L)

Social Director: Nariman Amin (2L)

Communications Director: Adesewa Egunsola (2L)

Recruitment/Retention Director: Yalda Hajavi (2L)


Mission:  JSLA strives to provide a community and outlet for Jewish students at Villanova Law. Additionally, the group seeks to educate the Villanova Law community about the Jewish religion and culture. Our group is inclusive of secular and non-observant students, and all events are open to the entire law school community

Advisor: Saiman/Chanenson

2017-2018 Officers:  

Co-President:  Stephanie Wolbransky and Gabrielle Weiss

Vice President:  Andrew Grossman

Secretary:  Jessica Oestreicher

Treasurer:  Nate Stanger

Outreach Coordinator:  Sarah Peck

Event Coordinator:  Rachel Lisitsa


Mission: An educational organization of law students celebrating Italian ancestry, history, and culture.  Activities are directed towards the following goals:

1.  To foster a spirit of good fellowship and mutual cooperation among its members;

2.  To maintain the honor and dignity required of the legal profession;

3.  To maintain a high standard of ethical conduct among its members and with other members of the bar;

4.  To promote and encourage the more profound study of the law, the due adminstration of justice and reform in the law;

5.  To coordinate their efforts in the discharge of their civil and professional responsibilities to the community. 

Advisor:  Professor Matthew Carluzzo

2017-2018 Officers:

President:  TBD



Mission: Our mission is to raise awareness about legal issues specifically affecting juveniles, including juvenile defense and family law. We hope to encourage our peers to learn more about juvenile law and the diverse career and volunteer opportunities that exist within it. 

Advisor:  Teri Ravenell

2017-2018 Officers:

Paige Pihl Buckley, Co-President, 774-270-1003

Ava Giacobbo, Co-President, 856-630-5474







Employment Law Society (LELS) strives to promote educational, career, and networking opportunities for students interested in the field of labor and employment law. Our goal is to provide students with information on the different types of careers available in labor and employment law and connect them with practicing attorneys and professional organizations. We also want to raise awareness of the important issues affecting the field.

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano

2017-2018 Officers:

President:  Nigel James

Vice President: Emily Heimbecker

2L Representative:  Ryan Geib 



Mission: Villanova Law Students For Life believes in the human right to life at all stages. Our goal is to provide information and promote awareness of practices that threaten life and to encourage discussion on those topics. We seek to provide the Villanova Law community with a forum where students can develop pro-life approaches to moral and legal questions. Our hope is to support and nurture future legal professionals who look to promote the pro-life cause.

Advisor: Professor Tuan Samahon

2017-2018 Officers:

Co-chair:  TBD

Co-chair:  TBD


Mission: The Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA) aims to educate and raise awareness of the traditions, culture, history, and current events of the Middle East and North Africa. It is through this platform that MELSA seeks to create an open dialogue that promotes cross-cultural understanding. 

Advisor: Professor Michele Pistone

2017-2018 Officers:




Mission: The National Lawyers Guild is the nation’s oldest and largest progressive bar association and was the first one in the US to be racially integrated. Our mission is to use law for the people, uniting lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people by valuing human rights over property interests. This is achieved through the work of our members, and the Guild’s numerous organizational committees, caucuses and projects, reflecting a wide spectrum of intersectional issues. Guild members effectively network and hone their legal skills in order to help create change at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Advisor:  Professor Caitlin Barry

2017-2018 Officers:  

President: TBD

Co Vice President:  TBD

Co Vice President:  TBD

Treasurer:  TBD

Advisor:  TBD




Mission:  OUTLaw strives to promote inclusion of the LGBT community at Villanova Law School, encouraging fellow students, faculty and staff to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding issues within the LGBT community. OUTLaw welcomes ALL members of the Villanova community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to partake in our meetings and events.

Advisor:  Caitlin Barry

2017-2018 Officers:  

President: Nathaniel Stanger, 3L,  (   


Mission: Phi Alpha Delta is the largest co-ed professional law fraternity in the United States. We seek to foster social engagement, learning, philanthropy, and networking opportunities for our members and the university as a whole.

Advisor: N/A  

2017-2018 Officers:

President (Justice): Ryan Geib,

VP (Vice Justice):  John Morgan,

Clerk: David Secor

Treasurer: Nick Morello

New Member Chair: Kelly Barry

Philanthropy Chair: Amanda Tso,

Social Chair: Emma Healy

Marshall:  Ryan Ahrens


Mission:  The purpose of the PBS is to 1) provide much needed legal services to those who do not have access to such services, 2) provide students of every class year with opportunities to participate in a variety of long term and short term pro bono legal work, and 3) provide students with the opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience in various leagl fields.

Advisors: Professor MaryAnn Robinson and Professor Dveera Segal

Officers 2017 - 2018:   

President: Lydia Ellsworth

Vice President: Kaitlyn Macaulay

Secretary: Stephanie Mersch

Treasurer: Omeed Firouzi

Fundraising Coordinator: Rebecca Cabrera

Program Liaison: Jordan Morgan

Wills For Heroes Chair: Chris Lambe

Face to Face Chairs: Peyton Carper & Madeline Troutman

SDAS Chairs: Mary Connors & Michele Grenier

Innocence Project Chairs: Jessica Oestreicher & Emily Pittenger

Expungement Project Chair: Omeed Firouzi

Street Law Chairs: Ryan Raymond & Alyssa Pooler

Christian Legal Clinics (co-chair with Christian Legal Society): Shannon Beam






PIFP Website

Advisor:  Ann C. Juliano


The Walter Lucas Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP) at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law provides financial support to students who commit their summers to public service legal work. Many law students, dedicated to helping the less fortunate, are limited by financial constraints. Similarly, public interest legal organizations often cannot afford to hire much needed summer interns. Through fundraising, PIFP, an entirely student-run organization, provides summer fellowships to Villanova Law students, who in turn aid the larger community by working with various public interest organizations throughout the region, nation and world to deliver volunteer legal services to those in need.

Since its founding in 1998, PIFP has raised over $800,000 through a variety of creative fundraising endeavors and awarded over 170 summer fellowships (each now valued at $4,500). In addition, 2015 marked the tenth consecutive year that PIFP provided $12,000 to fund its Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). LRAP provides a $12,000 award, paid over three years, to a recent graduate committed to working for a public interest organization or governmental agency.

The highlight of PIFP’s fundraising efforts is its annual spring auction, which in recent years has featured 250 to 300 silent and live auction items donated by individuals and businesses throughout Greater Philadelphia and across the country.


Directors-Nikkita Gottling ( and Alexa Arndt ( (3Ls)

Treasurer: Lydia Ellsworth ( (2L)

Secretary: Nicole Sardella ( (2L)

Fellowship Coordinator: Pam Putnam ( (3L)

Auction Coordinator: Shannon Beam (, Molly Anne Krebs (, Zoey Lee ( (2Ls)

Volunteer Coordinators: Waqar Rehman ( & Jessica Oestreicher ( (2Ls)

Alumni & Development: Sarah Baranik de Alarcon ( (2L)

Special Events Coordinators: Zac Barnett ( & Stephanie Mersch ( (2Ls)

Publicity and Technology: Omeed Firouzi ( (3L)


Mission: The Real Estate Law Society, RELS, creates opportunities for students to network and engage with the local real estate community, learn about the industry, and build relationships with fellow classmates that are interested in real estate.

Advisor: Professor Edward Liva

2017-2018 Officers:

Co-Presidents: TBD


Mission: To continue to strengthen the sports law program at Villanova that Jeffrey Moorad, Andrew Brandt, and many others have begun building. Our goal is to assist students with a passion in sports law network, attend social gatherings, and work on case competitions to help them gain practical experience and make connections that will be invaluable. 

Advisor: Andrew Brandt

2017-2018 Officers:

Kacie Kergides (2L) - VP

Jack Sexton (2L) - Case Competition Director

Nick Morello (2L) - Treasurer

AshLeigh Sebia (2L) - Secretary


Mission: The Saint Thomas More Society dedicates itself to promoting the Catholic faith at Villanova Law School. We endeavor to build a sense of community among our members, fostering personal and group spirituality. Through Masses, lectures, retreats and informal social gatherings, we aim to help students incorporate their Catholic faith into their law school experience. Under the patronage of Saint Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers, we strive to support each other in the effort to live lives based on the Gospel and to work for harmony and goodwill throughout the legal community.

Advisor:  Vice Dean Todd Aagaard

2017-2018 Officers:

President:        TBD

Vice President:  TBD

Treasurer:        TBD



SALDF Facebook Page

Mission: Our mission is to raise awareness of animal rights. Our goal is to provide resources to local animal advocacy groups that advance the welfare of animals.

Advisor: Professor Louis Sirico

2017-2018 Officers:

Co-Chair -TBD, Co-Chair -TBD


Student Bar Association Website

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the official resource and liaison for the student body in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and students. Upon enrollment at the Villanova University School of Law, each student becomes a member of the organization. The SBA Board consists of 19 elected positions and one appointed position. 

SBA is also the umbrella student organization on the law school campus. The SBA Board provides funding, authorization, and guidance for all student organizations.

Early in the year, the SBA Board assists in the first year students' orientation program and allocates funds to student organizations. Throughout the year, the SBA Board sponsors social activities, fundraisers, symposia, forums, and intramural sports events.


Mission: The Tax Law Society is an organization comprised of members who are interested in practicing some form of tax law in their career. The purpose of the Tax Law Society is to provide guidance and assist those who want to practice tax law with finding job opportunities. The Tax Law Society strives to make students aware of the various legal opportunities that involve tax. 

Advisors: Professors: Meghan Petsko and Ed Liva 

2017-2018 Officers:  

President: Constantine Fournaris,  Executive Board: Brittany Jackson, James j. Robinson, 2L Representative: Riley Bauer


Mission:  LawMeet is the premier "moot court" experience for students interested in a transactional practice. LawMeets are live, interactive, educational competitions designed to give law students a hands-on experience in developing and honing transactional lawyering skills. The LawMeet Student Organization will be responsible for creating and coordinating teams for participation in regional and national StartUp and Transactional 


Advisor:  Professor Melanie McMenamin

2017-2018 Officers:

President: TBD, Vice President: TBD, Treasurer:  TBD, Secretary: TBD, Outreach Director: TBD, Event Coordinator: TBD  



Mission: Our Mission is to engage in and facilitate bipartisan discussion on legal and political scholarship and current events. Our goal is to create productive dialogue between students of differing political views and ideologies to promote a unified and conversant political atmosphere on campus that encourages acceptance of diverse ideas.

President - Josh McDoom

Vice President - Michael Halbherr

Tresurer - Robert Kunhle

Secretary - John Vernon

Director of Outreach - Jason Kaner

Director of Public Relations - Michaela Cronin


Advisor: Professor Patrick M. Brennan


The mission: 

Villanova Law Democrats is dedicated to supporting Democratic and progressive candidates while holding our representatives of both parties accountable at the local, state, and national level. We seek to promote and organize around progressive causes as we move forward together toward the elections of 2018 and 2020.

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano

2017-2018 Officers:  

Zac Barnett (2L) - President

Rob Craven (2L) - Vice President

Gabi Outlaw (2L) - Communications Director / Secretary

Brian Swanick (2L) - Treasurer


Mission: The Villanova Law Republicans unites those in the Villanova Law community who believe in the platform of the Republican Party. We invite elected officials, candidates, and other speakers to discuss current political events and issues. The Villanova Law Republicans works to promote Republican principles through campus activities as well as off-campus campaign activities. Villanova Law Republicans is focused on fostering a welcoming environment for all students, and adding to the political dialogue on campus. 

Advisor: TBD

2016-2017 Officers:   

Graham Conlan, 2019, President


Mission:  WLC organizes and participates in programs and events to raise awareness about legal and non-legal issues that affect women and to create spaces for its members and the Law School community to openly discuss them. WLC has strong relationships with other students groups at the Law School and with Villanova alumni. WLC welcomes any member of the Law School community as a member of its organization. 

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano

2017 - 2018 Officers:

President: TBD Vice President: TBD, Secretary: TBD, Treasurer: TBD, Social Outreach Coordinator: TBD, Social Outreach Coordinator:TBD, 2L Men's Outreach Coordinator: TBD, 3L Men's Outreach Coordinator: TBD