Work Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops

The VWPN held two Work Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops this fall at Villanova on Tuesday, October 6 and Sunday, November 15. Thirteen staff, students and alumni attended the first workshop, facilitated by Katina Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Psychology, CLAS and fifteen students and alumni attended the second workshop, facilitated by Cheryl Carleton, Assistant Professor of Economics, VSB and Director of the Villanova Women’s Professional Network.

Participants gained knowledge of the gender wage gap and received training on steps of salary negotiation. They learned how to apply negotiation strategies and techniques when negotiating salary and benefits packages.

Catherine Stecyk ’17 VSB MBA, Co-Interim Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships at Villanova University said, “The workshop centered on smart strategy and talking points, outlining how to initiate an informed, intelligent conversation about one’s accomplishments and value. Hearing the perspectives of current students and alumnae and learning how to leverage data in order to produce results has influenced the way I think about successfully navigating this sensitive topic.”

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